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I worked with Eddie and his team on building the corporate website for my company relevance club. Eddie ran the development process like clock work; from collecting requirements, to building all assets, to website integration and content build. He was very professional, pleasant to work with and efficient and processed all feedback and requested edits in a timely manner, he also prepared a full handover document for the website CMS with full details on content management to help us manage future edits. I highly recommend him for any web development projects.

Duri Alajrami

Founder, Executive Director, Relevance Club

I wanted to thank you for the excellent service in building my webpage. Your responsiveness to my needs were greatly appreciated! My website looks fantastic and the web traffic grows.Thanks for being such a pleasure to work with!

Kelly Cambly

Owner, Kelly Cambly, RMT

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Why Small Business Owner Needs a Web Site

Ever notice those big budget companies spending thousands of dollars on fancy websites? Within the last couple of years internet has become the most successful opportunity possible to generate leads and customers. In the face of social media it has been important to make sure your business is competing with other businesses and takes the necessary steps in getting your business name spread around the local or global community. There are many benefits of having a website aside from just getting your name out there


With the advancement of the technology, more and more people turn to the internet for information about products and services. Computers, tablets, or cell phones are an immediate source for information and sometimes just a single google search provides an important information about your business as well as competitors. You need to make sure your website will be visible to search engines, so your customers will have no problems to find you.


Having a website and a Social Media presence will allow you to connect better with your customers. You can provide detailed information about your company, your products or services and obtain a feedback from your customers using commented posts, social media engagements, surveys, or just generic discussions.
Whether you run a profitable brick & mortar business or offer services to your clients, it has become a vital for business owners to take an advantage of technology.

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A website will allow you to promote your business to generic public audiences or, if you wish, to specific customers only. Using targeted marketing ideas, the customer will search through your pages to determine if they are interested or not. Therefore, you must make sure that your website is strategically designed, user-friendly and presents itself without the need of much explanation.

Lead Generations

The website is not only the presentation medium, but most importantly, it is the lead generation engine. The website should be a dynamic interaction between you and your potential customer. You and the prospect should have established a strong connection and trust. Once done, everything is easier.


Why not make a sale while you sleep? If your product is eligible for an online sale, we can build an online store for you. eCoomerce solution is the most popular selling channel in the world. Expand your exposure and sell thousands instead of hundreds.


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– Create your brand identity (logo and other, customized brand artifacts)
– Provide marketing strategies
– Video Marketing
– SEO Services
– Set up modern marketing campaigns (direct marketing response, transparent service activities)

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