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We work along with the web hosting industry leaders providing fast, secure and the most reliable hosting solution. Your website will be hosted on either Windows or Linux platform using the most reliable databases like Linux MySQL or Windows SQL databases. Flexible, easy to use solution provides over 1GB database storage along with 24/7 security monitoring. Dedicated network solution as well as secure SSL certificates are available upon request.

Email Services

Professional Email Address is available upon request. With a memorable, domain based email account, your business will get a much needed professional touch. Create email addresses like or or All of them may be delivered into a single inbox.

Web Hosting Solution for Professionals

Our team of specialists is ready to help with any question or concerns. Contact us and get the latest information about our web hosting special discount. Do not forget to inquire about our “hosting free” solution related to multiproduct discount.




Web Hosting – “How to”

How does web hosting work?

Your website is stored on the server within the data center supported by our external partner. The server is designed to connect your site to the internet around the world using a unique address. This allows anybody to see your website in their Internet browser.

What kind of web hosting do I need?
The hosting solution depends on your needs and depends on what you want to do with your site. Online store with a shopping cart may require a different solution then business presentation or blog. Our experts will recommend the best possible solution for you.
I have my own website. Can I transfer to your server?

Our experts will help you to export existing website files from your current service provider to our new server. However, certain database adjustments need to be provided in order to make sure your new website is fully functioning. Please call our help line to assist you with the process.

Can I host multiple domains/websites?

Yes. The hosting plan allows you to host multiple domains, or websites. You can even redirect multiple domains into the same hosting files, so various domains can utilize the very same website.

How does it work with the Email plan?

The hosting plan allows you to set up several email addresses using your domain name (i.e.  Simply pick up an email name during your order, the size of your inbox and we will take care of the rest. Detail installation instructions will be provided via email during the implementation.

I am interested in purchasing the hosting plan. What is next?

Select the plan best fit your needs. Follow the on screen instructions to proceed with the payment and follow up processes. If you are not sure, contact us and our call center will help you to make the best solution and help you with the payment process.


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